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Our Products

Advanced Education Management System EDU (AEMSEDU)

AEMSEDU is administrative Software for Schools which caters to the Administration Staff, Teacher Staff and Parents of the School. The modules included are :

    Student Information     Mark Sheet       Student Information   

    Student Transport       Employee         Library   

    Fees                           Payroll               Tools    


Advanced Education Management System Web (AEMSWEB)

AEMSWEB is administrative Software for Colleges which caters to the Administration Staff, Professors (Faculty), Students and Parents of the College. The modules included are :

    Online Admission           Course Administration       Employee   

    Student Information       Coordination                     Payroll   

    Fees                             Placement                         Events and Conferences    


Document Journey Monitoring System WEB (DJMSWEB)

DJMSWEB is an application which is used to track the movement of file once it is inward at the University. It helps the employees to maintain a consistent watch over movement of various important documents in the process of decision making. This monitoring helps in making important decision at different levels in an organization.

Kiosks have been installed and connected to this system wherein Students and College Administrators / faculties can track the status of their file from the Campus.

    Correspondence Register           Allocate Correspondence       Outward Register   

    Correspondence Tracking           Recall Correspondence         Correspondence Status   

    Bulletin Board                             Inward Register                     Change Password    


Bio Human Resource Management (BioHRM)

BIOHRM is Attendance Management System for University employees linked with Biometric devices such as Finger Print and IRIS Recognition. The System assists the Heads of Departments to view the attendance of their respective staff and provides the accounts department with various reports.

    Employee     Attendance       Admin Reports   

    Leave          Reports             Forms   


File Management System

The software has been developed to maintain the Status of the file i.e. whether it is pending, running, invoiced or completed. The web module is being used by 21 branches across India with Mumbai as their Head Quarters.

The software has been designed to automatically send detailed weekly reports of the File and Invoice to respective Branch heads and Summary reports to the Management. Users can upload documents during the different stages of the file.

    Address Book             Certificate Generation       Invoice Posting to A/cs.   

    File Register               Invoice                              Pending File Status   

    Upload Documents     Receipts                            Outstanding Register    

Lab Management (Testing)

The Project has been designed for a Lab with NABL accreditation. The Jobs are recorded by the office admin and mapped with Commodity and Parameters as per the Clients request. This Job is then sent to with and Issue Challan for Testing. The Chemist enters the result and is again sent to the office admin for Invoice and Certificate generation.

The features are :

    Address Book             Certificate Generation       Invoice Posting to A/cs.   

    File Register               Invoice                              Pending File Status   

    Upload Documents     Receipts                            Outstanding Register    

Export Documentation (EXIM)

This is an Export Documentation Software for a Chemical Exporter. The features are :

    Item             Proforma Invoice       Order wise Report   

    Port             Custom Invoice         Pending Orders   

    Scheme       Final Invoice             Customer Summary    

Inventory Management System (IMS)

IMS is an Inventory Management System (Item Stock) for BMC Press. The features are :

    Department             Item wise Rate       Daily Production Report   

    Item Category         Item Stock In          Item & Job. No wise Daily Report   

    Item                        Challan Entry         Periodic Sale Report    


Hotel Management System (AHMS)

AHMS , developed for Hotel Industry is designed to track the Room Status for Reception and Reservation Counter. The features are :

    Hotel Reservation       Check-In / Check Out     Donation Bill   

    Advance Booking       Room Bill                        Room Status   

    Member History          Telephone Bill                 Voucher    


Festival Collection System (FCS)

FCS has been developed for Ganpati Mandal in Mumbai. India. The Software records various payment modes and generates MIS report.

    Pooja           Manual                Cashier   

    Sevadar       Computerised     Session Report   

    Volunteer      Internet              Voucher    


Contract Management System (CMS)

The Contract between the Buyer & Agent is recorded here.

    Client                 Contract Information       Agent-wise Contract   

    Price Terms        Pending Contract           Buyer-wise Contract   


Thesis Module

The software has been developed for University where the Student can register and Upload his Research Paper which is then approved or Rejected by the Approval Committee with valid reasons.

    College Recognition       Synopsis Submission   Student List   

    Student Registration      Thesis Submission       College List   

    Topic Approval               Thesis Approval           Topic Approval Report